Påske + Pasjon (Easter + passion)

Church and culture

This project brings together events of various kinds to a festival that lasts for 64 days – from the start of Easter to Whitsun. The objective is to make Easter more accessible for the population of Oslo. The arrangements vary from film and theatre to literary readings and stage art.
The profile plays on the beauty of bygone days as a parallel to the spiritual, religious and sublime. The Easter experience entails strong feelings and words such as betrayal, weakness, ecstasy and atonement. These terms are used actively as illustration elements and function together with the strict logo in creating an effectual contrast to the otherwise tender portraits of the soft egg shapes. “Easter and passion is tradition and innovation, possibilities of remaining in the old, possibilities of creating something new”, the project tells about itself. The profile includes both.
The culture White Paper: “The Art of Being a Church” is the basis of the project, which is carried out under the direction of KULT – Centre for Art, Culture and Church, the Oslo Church Joint Committee, the Diocese of Oslo and Domkirkeakademiet in co-operation with Oslo HIMMEL.

Rayon developed a consistent and comprehensive design that is dynamic and adaptable for future editions. In addition to the identity, we made marketing material for social and news media, posters, booklets and collections of poems.