Norway King Crab – new website and tracking system

The new web site shows the identity and origin of NKC (Norway King Crab), as well as the story behind the catching process, from pot to platter.

A tracking system developed in cooperation with Maritech lets the consumer scan a tag attached to each crab, and receive info about weight, when, where and by whom it was caught.

Tracking is important as it gives NKC full control of the product from the fisherman to the dish, as well as facts and data for researching and optimizing the well-being and quality of the crabs.

At the same time, the tracking and tagging of crabs gives NKC an important channel for customer communication, and it makes it easy for consumers to communicate with them or the fishermen. The restaurant or consumer may establish direct contact with those of the fishermen who offers fishing tourism and have their own website or Facebook page.