What we’ve recently been up to here at Rayon.

sanity & rayon

Rayon has become a Sanity CMS Partner

As part of our commitment to modern technology for web solutions, using React, Netx.js, etc., we have chosen to partner with Sanity headless CMS as our main CMS choice. This is because with Sanity the projects get a fully customisable workspace that mirrors various needs, a powerful and intuitive interface that is the fabric of your composable content architecture, as well as a synchronized no-ops storage and distribution layer. www.sanity.io

Coexista jewellery - visual identity

Coexista - take a stand against Islamophobia, anti-Semitism and growing extremism.

We live in a world where unfortunately many conflicts create innocent victims, and this reminds us that some time ago we developed a brand name and a visual identity for a jewellery concept from filmmaker and author Nina Grünfeld – COEXISTA. Coexista is something more than just a piece of jewellery. When you wear this jewellery, you show that you take a stand against Islamophobia, anti-Semitism and growing extremism. You take a stand, and you show that you wish for a peaceful coexistence.


Open positions in Rayon

Rayon are growing and we want to fill the following positions as soon as we find the right candidates: CONSULTANT/project manager who will be responsible for following up web projects, and together with the CTO be responsible for building up our developer department. SENIOR DESIGNER with solid experience, good delivery skills in relation to identity development, and who likes to follow the projects in all channels. FULL-STACK WEB DEVELOPER with documented experience, including headless React/Next, Sanity etc, preferably also previous experience with PHP and Wordpress. Are you a current candidate, send your CV to: andresen@rayon.no

NUPI logo

NUPI - New Client for Rayon

NUPI, the Norwegian Foreign Policy Institute, has chosen Rayon to assist them with revitalizing their visual communication in digital channels and publications. They are one of the leading research institutes in Northern Europe, with a strong brand position in both public and private business, and not least in the political landscape. We at Rayon are very happy to be challenged in the landscape in which NUPI operates and look forward to many exciting tasks in the future. Thank you for the trust.

Cappelen Damm

Renewed trust from the publishing house Cappelen Damm

Rayon assists Cappelen Damm Utdanning with resources for the development of the learning portals. As a market leader in the education sector, they are determined to be at the forefront of digital teaching materials as well. Our assistance involves full-stack development with a modern front-end and a custom backend. As part of this work, we ensure that the solution works optimally and is accessible for internal users, teachers and pupils all across Norway. This is an exciting client and many exciting challenges.

WebMed latest

Rayon an important design partner

WebMed EPJ, owned by Fürst Medisinsk Laboratorium, has chosen Rayon as its primary external contributor on design, UX and UI, for a major investment in the development of tomorrow's patient journal (EPJ). Rayon works closely with the concept and development team in WebMed and is thrilled to be on a team with such an experienced and solid player in the healthcare sector.

new developers

Increased capacity – New Web Developers

We have employed two new web developers in Rayon to strengthen the technology team, which is led by Mathias Stang, who joined us from a position as Senior Developer at Bouvet 1 year ago. The new ones are Zahid Ronty who comes from the position as Full Stack developer at Simployer, and Muhammad Shoaib who came from SALT (School of Applied Technology). This is part of our investment in modern web technology, and where the combination of more capacity and better utilization of technology will make us better equipped to deliver, On target, On budget and On time!