A festival from Easter to the end of Pentecost


Den norske kirke


  1. Naming
  2. Visual Identity
  3. Illustrations
  4. Editorial design
  5. Digital solution
  6. Advertising

The Påske+Pasjon festival has been organized by Oslo Diocese for 13 years. The festival has brought together various cultural and art events and has lasted 64 days from the beginning of Easter to Pentecost each year.

The aim has been to create awareness around the time between Easter and Pentecost (the Passion Season) and to convey experiences that are similar to the feast Easter is in many other countries. The events range from film and theater to literature readings and performing arts. The identity seeks to avoid obvious religious references, but rather to create a visual "spiritual parallel". The Easter story contains great emotions and words such as betrayal, failure, ecstasy and reconciliation. These words set in tight typography create a strong contrast to the delicate portraits and the limited color palette ties the elements together and creates a whole. Rayon has assisted Påske+Pasjon with the name, concept, design and annual changes from the start until the last year's festival in 2023. Including websites, SoMe, various printed materials and advertisements.